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Founded in 2010, SEL Lighting focuses on offering high-end architectural and commercial fixtures, controls that make your residential or business place exude unmatched sophistication. We offer premium lighting products and solutions that are reliable with innovative design and technology. These innovative products are properly designed to have a high level of quality, functionality, performance and compliance with American standards.


In order to provide designers building spatial light environments with perfect linear lighting solutions, we keep pushing the boundaries of linear lighting with our luminaires like LED strips, neon strips and so on. As for controls, we have both smart and traditional dimmers and switches. 


Our research and development engineering teams consists of 100 engineers dedicated to ensuring that whatever product gets to you, our esteemed customer, leaves you fully satisfied about both quality and cost. Our engineers have been generating positive market responses from our launched products. They ensure that every component is designed, tested, and approved according to high-level international requirements. Even during the manufacturing process, all our lamps and luminaires are tested to ensure the quality and durability of our product line. In our testing laboratories, the R&D team makes use of equipment calibrated and traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Thanks to the manufacturing plants we have a, we are able to offer you innovative lighting products and solutions consistently. SEL Lighting is an OEM with over $200M in revenue, and 1500 employees. 


We have a brand known as 90+ Lighting which focuses on manufacturing our high-end LED in order to offer stability and long-lasting lamps to our customers at very affordable prices. These higher quality products are developed with cutting-edge LED technology which makes them more energy efficient than their counterparts. See

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With SEL Lighting, you get 3 years whereby we would repair or (if necessary) replace any lighting product you purchase from us. This is how confident we are of the amount of effort we put into every of our lighting products that we can guarantee you up to 3 years of no-technical-issues with our lamps and fixtures. Finally, while using the products, we would have you understand that fair terms and conditions apply for the warranty.

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