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SEL Lighting Linear Lighting System, based on “flexible” and “intercon-nected” linear light source, intensifies the luminaire structure and optical design and regards lighting as an important factor of interior design. The final effect is provided with creative sense and futuristic sense, endowing a brand new definition to space.


"Integrated Architecture Lighting" and "Integrated Furniture Lighting" makes light and space coexist perfectly and combines luminaire, architectural space and furniture & cabinet skillfully.

Profile-System_ALS-Series (1).png

Available in 33-79mm profile width. It can be cut, spliced, cornered in arbitrary lengths to form myriad creative styling. It has been iterated to 3rd generation with improved experience in installation and application flexibility.


LLS 2.0, by changing the modular design and installation method of the product, has redefined the function and application mode of linear lighting and has broken the constraints on traditional lighting system.

Profile-System_LLS-2.0-Series (1).png

M-LINE 60 linear modular lighting system, combining wiring and lighting installation in one , just need to preinstall the profile frame, then can switch 12 optical models with more combination, it can accurately light up the space where light is needed, free light&shadow, applicable in many scenes.

Profile-System_M-LINE-60-Series (1).png

Curve lighting system, through the sublimation from straight line to curve, transformation from 2D to 3D, linear lighting is brought with a brand-new revolutionary experience.

Profile-System_LLS-C-Series (1).png

SKYLINE series connects two points to be one line, can be extremely free applied across space, and derive thousands of stylings, to bring a brand-new innovative experience to linear lighting, realize the purest linear beauty, and open up a new lighting experience.

Profile-System_SKYLINE-Series (1).png
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