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SEL Lighting Standard Linear Luminaire, by means of more professional optical designs, such as anti-glare, spotlighting, bi-directional polarizing, wall-washing and wall-grazing as well as advanced standards of heat dissipation and photoelectric indicators, are used to reach the professional indoor functional lighting, accent lighting and special lighting demands.

Luminaires_SLIM25-1 (1).png

Slim25 series, standard mini-size linear luminaries, 25mm width,8 optical lighting methods built by professional lighting and structual design, meeting the requirements of indoor functional lighitng, accent lighting, and special lighting.

Luminaires_GLS40-1 (1).png

GLS40 series the light-emitting surface width is 40mm. The product adopts a modernist design style, which combines simplicity and elegance. The light and shadow follow, the styles are diverse,and the more humane intelligent design you can choose.


LINE 60 series the light-emitting surface width is 60mm, adopts professional optical and structure design to realize 6 different light distribution methods. This series can provide professional indoor functional lighting, special lighting. It can meet the requirements of special lighting, light and shadow, various styles.


Circle Series, the basic modules can constitute standard circular luminaires with the diameter of 0.8m/1.5m/3.0m for independent application. Multiple light emitting directions are optional. The light emitting modes are optional according to the scenes as well, so as to create different atmospheres compatible to the spatial structures of different areas, different rigidity and different materials.

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